I’m a huge fan of Dave Bollinger’s work “Density” (http://www.davebollinger.com/works/density/). He does a mix of generative art and traditional art, and he blends computer programming with traditional mediums. He’s done some generative works that are in a wood block style, and I think they look pretty cool. Unfortunately, he doesn’t document his process very much.

There’s a service online called DNA11 (www.dna11.com) that produces generative art from DNA. You submit a small DNA sample, and they run a PCR of it, colorize it, and enlarge it onto a large canvas. I think it’s a really cool form of generative art because it’s completely personalized.

I think it’d be fun to use this assignment to create an art piece I can hang in my apartment (my walls are looking pretty bare right now…) so I’ve been focusing on generative art that creates static images. I found the work of Marius Watz pretty interesting because he uses code to produce large wall-sized artworks that are visually intriguing and have a lot of originality from piece to piece, while retaining a sense of unity among the set. You can browse the collection of final images here: http://systemc.unlekker.net/showall.php?id=SystemC_050114_150004_04.