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Custom compiler flags in XCode

So I’ve been messing with compiler flags in XCode for the last hour or so, and it turns out I was totally misunderstanding things. If you get info on a project or target in XCode, there’s a “User-Defined” section at the bottom that allows you to create your own flags for use at compile time. However, these flags are not actually passed into GCC! (Mistake 1!) I assumed that adding a key-value pair to the list would pass the flag straight through to GCC, but it appears that they are for use in build scripts, etc…

To pass a custom flag through to GCC so that you can use it in #ifdef and #if macros at compile time, you have to add a User-Defined Setting called “OTHER_CFLAGS”. For my project, I set the value to “-DIS_PHOTO_CHAT=1″. At compile time, the exact text is passed as an argument to GCC. You can set different values in different targets – and I was able to conditionally include some code in a header file using #if (IS_PHOTO_CHAT==1)…

It seems like you can use XCode’s built-in flags like ${TARGET_NAME} and ${PRODUCT_NAME} to insert variables into the value of OTHER_CFLAGS, but if your target name has spaces, I think you’re at a loss. I tried to set -DTARGET_NAME=${TARGET_NAME} for about an hour, but the target name had a space and I can’t get GCC to accept the value (tried quotes… no luck…) I’m no command-line-compiler-whiz, so I’m sure there’s a trick, but Google hasn’t turned anything up.

I’m still surprised OTHER_CFLAGS wasn’t preset to “” in the target build settings. There’s an empty field for “Other Code Signing Flags” (which seems less useful!) Oh well… Guess XCode is in permanent beta anyway?

The Best WordPress Site Ever?

So I accidentally clicked an ad this afternoon and stumbled across, an online community for eco-friendly folks. I hadn’t even scrolled half way down their home page when I found myself thinking: “What was this built in?” Ecoki is quite possibly the best designed wordpress site I’ve ever seen. I had to look at the page source to figure it out.

It looks like it’s a completely custom template. Must have cost a fortune… It seems like there are only four staff authors on the site – so they’ve been pretty busy!