Finally! I got an email from Apple today confirming that NetSketch will be available on the App Store this Friday. Let’s hope everything goes well this weekend :-) .

NetSketch Approval Email

Unfortunately, CafePress had to step in and rain on my parade. I ordered a few NetSketch t-shirts after I made the 512×512 version of the logo. I haven’t used CafePress in a few years and I decided to give their black shirts a try. I wish I could say it was a positive experience, but they look terrible. I don’t think it was an error on my part – I didn’t use any sort of drop shadow or blur effects in the design and my images were approx. 2300px across. The white areas of the logo and title came out a middle gray – as if the shirt had been washed 50 times already. Black was clearly visible through the text – even from 10+ feet away. Here’s a closeup:

I ordered a white shirt as well. I figured that one would have to come out, but the black parts aren’t solid, and it looks as though it was printed in two passes. There’s quite a bit of horizontal bleeding on the text – as though it was printed once, and then printed again 2mm off. There might be some other reason, but CafePress’ support pages were no help!

Bad white shirt.

Either way, I’ll be leaving CafePress. I’ve requested a refund and ordered shirts from Zazzle, which was the recommended on this site:

We’ll see how it goes!